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F-Droid is the open-source community’s Android software store and has a similar way of working as the Google Play store. F-Droid.org main repository consists mainly of free and open-source applications. Let’s find out more about the app.

What is an F-Droid?


F-Droid store can be interpreted as a repository of apps (so-called app stores) that provide services to Android devices. In other words, it acts as an alternative google play app. However, app only offers free software with open source.

If you like open source software, App is the app store you’re looking for, one of the least intrusive in terms of security and security currently available for the Android ecosystem, although you don’t expect to find the most popular apps on the Play Store, which are free open source apps that are not available on the Play Store.

While it can be said that Android is freer than iOS (to cite an example), it’s not completely free, which means you have to blindly believe that the developer of the app you’re installing doesn’t have bad intentions, as does Google have reviewed all the code of each application and this code is the same, there is nothing harmful.

With F-Droid If you want, you can download the app’s source code and review it yourself as it is available to everyone. It’s a guarantee if the code is available and anyone can review it, the programmer (i.m. he releases the app and the code has a free license or similar) won’t include malware unless he thinks everyone on the Internet is a fool.

F droid download to phone

F-droid pros and cons


  • The software provides extremely good security.
  • Has a strict security check process for apps to ensure you’re not being tracked. There are no hidden costs when using apps downloaded from F droid
  • Filters apps that contain ads and sunk costs to ensure user security
  • Does not require users to register or install a third-party app
  • Controls activities that are contrary to that activity, such as advertising, tracking users, or relying on proprietary software.
  • Contains a completely free app store
  • Users can download and install F droid without having to create an account, enter a password, or anything like that.
  • User-friendly app


  • There is no app rating on the F Droid, which is quite inconvenient
  • Users must experience apps on their own without app reviews
  • The F droid offers just over 20,600 apps, a modest number compared to the 2.5 million in the Google Play store.
  • Apps on F droid don’t have automatic updates like apps in Google Play


F-droid safety features

Google Play takes many actions to promise that it will scan its apps and any outbreak of malware that can be found in its software. However, it is not 100% secure.

Known as an open-source project, F Droid tells us their safety: No app is found in the category that includes hidden costs or data tracking, the developer community can easily check source code for any behavior that is suspicious, and F-Droid has its own close record of external security audit documents. And has established a history of addressing vulnerabilities. If the F-Droid recognizes apps with features that are non-compliant, they will be flagged.

In terms of privacy, F-Droid takes many precautions for its user: everything will be sent over HTTPS, avoids leakage of search and search application data, supports Tor, and includes all the languages supported in its metadata so that its servers don’t even know which language you’re speaking.

Now, you will no longer be too dependent on apps from the Google Play store. F-Droid.download gives you a diverse app store with pretty cool safety.